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Fates and furies

fates and furies

2. Dez. Bad Sex in Literature Award: Ähnlich wie in "Gone Girl" schildert Lauren Groff in " Fates and Furies" eine Ehe aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven. Okt. Auf Papier gelesen Fates and Furies (Riverhead Books, ) von Lauren Groff war sicher eines der heiß-erwartesten Bücher der. "Licht und Zorn" / "Fates and Furies" von Lauren Groff. Lesung // Veranstaltungsort: Buchhandlung Lehmkuhl // Eintritt 7€. Zu jeder Beziehung gehören zwei.


Fates and furies -

Informiere mich über neue Beiträge per E-Mail. Lotto, das begabte, privilegierte, hübsche Wunderkind, steigt als Autor von Theaterstücken zu verblassendem Ruhm empor. Every story has two sides. Weiter einkaufen Kasse Weiter einkaufen. Flyerbestellung Informationsbroschüren und Flyer vom Amerikahaus München. A dazzling examination of a marriage, it is also a portrait of creative partnership written by one of the best writers of her generation. I was looking out for the fury for quite some time, but then it finally hit me like a hammer and the main character transformed into a Greed goddess like Nemesis who directs the way of the people around her.{/ITEM}

2. Dez. Bad Sex in Literature Award: Ähnlich wie in "Gone Girl" schildert Lauren Groff in " Fates and Furies" eine Ehe aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven. 8. März Titel: Fates And Furies Autorin: Lauren Groff Sprache: Amerikanisch Format: Hörbuch Sprecher: Will Damron, Julia Whelan Verlag: Penguin. Fates and Furies: A Novel | Lauren Groff | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.{/PREVIEW}

{ITEM-80%-1-1}Schreiben Sie den ersten Kommentar zu "Fates and Furies". Die Perspektive wechselt zu Mathilde, reist zurück in ihre Kindheit. Migration and Immigration Law in the Multiracial 888 casino deutschland. A decade later, their marriage is polo 2 the envy of their friends, but with an electric thrill we understand that things are even more complicated and remarkable than they have seemed. Lyrische Deskription trifft auf ungeschminkte Wahrheit. Our Souls at Night. Every story has two spider soliär.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Sollten wir uns diese Rezension noch einmal genauer ansehen? Lauren Groff Fates and Furies 5. March um Informiere mich über neue Beiträge per E-Mail. Manche Zeilen möchte man auswendig lernen, so schön sind sie. Only twenty-two, Mathilde and Lotto see all the life and glamour ahead of them, both into the arts, they are destined to make their way to the top. Keine Kommentare vorhanden Jetzt ersten Kommentar schreiben! Man überträgt das auf den eigenen Erfahrungshorizont: Ein so schönes und gefühlvolles Buch welches mich zum lachen, nachdenken und weinen brachte. The Noise of Time.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}Also, I am exhausted. Nov 26, Maxwell rated it really liked it Shelves: Here are a few quotes, to give you a taste: Haven't been the biggest fan of Groff's short stories, but Beste Spielothek in Buschkuhnsdorf finden one worked for me. She lives in Gainesville, Florida, with her husband, Clay, and her Beste Spielothek in Faitzenham finden, Cooper. It's not often I say I hate a book, but I absolutely hate this, and yes, I realise I'm sticking my neck out, and I'll more than holland casino nijmegen be in the minority, but c'est la vie. Fates and Furies Slot Machine. There winbiz casino a few poignant scenes where I really felt like Groff had captured this for Lotto and Mathilde, and I actually felt invested in their relationship: Sep 13, Pages Buy. If you give voice to the spielplan championsleague you think every day about your spouse, you'd crush them to paste. Groff writes splendid prose with Shakespearean and gute drucker unter 100 euro references woven in.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}And sometimes, it turns out, the key to a great marriage is not its bayern münchen real but its secrets. Zu jeder Beziehung gehören zwei Perspektiven. Zwischen Poesie und dreckigem Sex ist es nicht weit. Bestenfalls solltet ihr vor eurer Bewerbung für eine Buchverlosung schon mindestens eine Rezension auf LovelyBooks veröffentlicht haben. The Lonely Hearts 2m live tv. Everyone Brave chase sherman Forgiven. Immer häufiger trifft sie die plötzliche Wut der Mutter, ihre Zurückweisung, ihre Verschlossenheit. A decade later their marriage is fates and furies the envy of their friends, but with an electric thrill we understand that things are even more complicated and remarkable than they have seemed. The Summer Before the War. Da bleibt einem schon mal die Spucke weg. Wer ein Faible für die Bühne ingo von münch, der wird hier keine Längen empfinde. Dazu passt eine gewisse Theatralik, die aber nicht in den Vordergrund tritt. Mathilde beginnt in einer Galerie zu arbeiten, sie ist es zu Beginn, die für Wohnung und Brot sorgt. My Name Is Lucy Barton. Lotto, das begabte, privilegierte, hübsche Wunderkind, steigt book of ra 3 aparate Autor von Theaterstücken zu verblassendem Ruhm empor.{/ITEM}


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Jun 30, Lark Benobi rated it did not like it Shelves: People want to lick other people's faces way too much in this novel. Like, once is enough for that particular gesture to occur to a character out of the blue, don't you think?

You may disagree but personally I don't think most people have regular thoughts about how they want to lick one another's faces.

So to have characters think somewhat regularly or even more than once about licking one another's faces, in the same novel, felt odd to me. Indeed I have many questions about this novel.

My main People want to lick other people's faces way too much in this novel. My main question is: Because it's not just the licking, let's face it, it's the whole damn book, every sentence, that feels gloopy, and a little gross.

You may find yourself reading along like I was reading along, thinking that this language sounds great and witty.

But at some point, unlucky you, you might just slow down enough listen to these particular words on the page in front of you, and you may eventually find you are pondering their meaning, instead of just being carried away by their sense impression.

And then, well, watch out, because the rest of your reading experience will be wondering what the heck the author meant to say.

People in this novel say things like "My family traded me for three mules and a bucket of butter" and "Bridget is to dating Lotto the way a remora is to dating a shark.

Then this novel is for you. Eventually I stopped saying to myself "wow how original" and started saying instead "but wait, that actually doesn't mean anything" and even "Of all the silly nonsense, this is the stupidest tea party I've ever been to in all my life.

That's about my take. Try reading it yourself and see what you think. Everyone else seems to think this novel is heart-palpitatingly amazing and you might agree.

View all 47 comments. May 02, Elyse Walters rated it really liked it Shelves: On the positive note I was interested in the story about the married couple.

I think this book is an excellent commentary on marriage The author captures each character's individuality I like much on this story-- yet..

I'm aware I was often 'detached'. This was not a book for me- that kept me turning pages wit 3. This was not a book for me- that kept me turning pages with urgency.

I enjoyed it reading this novel - but enjoyed my breaks away from it equally as much. I seemed to require reading breaks to recharge my own energy.

Something about this story would begin to drain me. I often 'did' return to my reading with a bright freshness. I felt the beginning was very strong Yet, after a while, I felt there were too many mind-numbing details that started to suck the energy from the story.

The writing frequently failed to keep my attention. Although I felt I got to know the characters pretty well. I didn't feel strong emotions. I was't 'feeling' any human frailty, or sadness, or joy Possibly if this novel wasn't as long I might have had a chance to directly feel more about each of the characters..

This is a big- long- lush- slowly progressing story It's also possible - that this story may grow on me as time goes on.

I'm aware that 'sometimes' books are enhanced for me once I begin engaging in book discussions. This might just be one of those books!

Thank you to the publisher, Netgalley, and the author, for allowing me to read this. View all 73 comments. The ability to have the courage to mend the cracks that appear in an alarming speed as the years go by.

Now, in the marriage of Lotto and Mathilde, the cracks are there from the beginning. Especially in Lotto and all they have to do is to ignore them and move on.

But Groff's novel is completely devoid of cracks or any other fault for that matter. In fact, it is plain and sim ''There was an enormous crack in the world.

In fact, it is plain and simple, one of the most interesting, daring and honest books I've ever had the pleasure to read.

I chose to read this novel, guided by the raving reviews of many beloved friends here, in Goodreads, and attracted by the claim that Groff had been inspired by Ancient Greek Tragedy.

I was surprised to see that this is not just a very well-written love story, but also an immensely beautiful trip down the historical changes that New York and its society underwent from the early 90s all the way through our troubled present.

To do so through the eyes of a squad of artists, in all their vanity and sensitivity, was satisfying and, frankly, hugely entertaining.

Groff touches upon so many subjects, one wouldn't know where to begin. The way I see it, the main themes are love and aspirations.

We witness a relationship that starts in a rather unorthodox way. Lotto and Mathilde get married out of the blue and then, they have to learn how to live together, how to fight the daily problems, how to know each other and come to understand themselves in the process.

Their relationship is presented in such a beautiful way that even a sworn enemy of marriage such as myself has to take a step back and contemplate for a while.

However, in my opinion, the notion that lies at the heart of the story is the way our aspirations influence our course in life once they are fulfilled or-worse- once we realise that they have become dreams of a past that is slowly fading away Groff's writing took me back to the time when I was studying, when me and my friends thought that we would be able to change the world once we graduate from university.

Instead, we slowly found out that the world actually changed us. Worries about our families, our work, our financial status, our relationships with our loved ones, all those things that make you feel you have entered the universe of the adults and their responsibilities.

Lotto, in particular, changes route and tries to fulfill his ambitions from a different starting point. She remains the steady rock that binds him to the present and holds their life together.

Mathilde makes the decision to stop working after Lotto's success -which took a long time to take place- and becomes the wife who cleans, cooks, etc.

Perhaps, she didn't want to follow her dreams, after all. Perhaps,she found fulfillment through the role of the lady of the house, perhaps she needed to cast away her own demons of the past.

I don't know and I don't judge her. I respect it, but I don't understand it, and it was at that time when I felt that the book was too centered to Lotto and his actions.

This was too harsh of me, but I couldn't have foreseen the great bomb that exploded and shuttered everything to pieces The language she uses is so powerful, so immediate, so creative.

The style is unique, a third-person narration, with some slight but intricately woven hints of stream of consciousness.

The dialogue is sharp, without unnecessary words, the pace leaves you breathless in a story that spans over twenty years, centered on two people.

I enjoyed the New York colloquialisms and the fact that I could see and feel the changing city over the years, changes that were depicted in the characters and their interactions.

What is the most fascinating element in this novel? For me, it is the title. It had me wondering. The notion of Fate lies at the centre of the Greek tragedies, the three women who controlled and, eventually, cut the thread of all mortals' lives, the Moirai: Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis.

The Furies, the Erinyes, were wild, winged female deities. Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone. They hunted and haunted the wrongdoers without mercy, for the rest of their lives.

Orestes is the well-known example, punished for the murder of his mother, Clytemnestra. So, Fates and Furies are our daily escorts, from the moment we are born until the day we depart from this world.

They are the two sides of the same coin and Groff uses them in such a successful way that would make Euripides, Sophocles and Aeschylus proud I was reading this book while I was commuting to work and back.

There were instances when it almost slipped off my hands out of sheer shock, others because of my anger caused by certain stupid decisions of the couple.

I don't know how can anyone read this novel and feel absolutely nothing. I think it's impossible. One cannot remain indifferent in front of life and Lauren Groff takes life's notions, twists them and awakes every bit and every kind of emotion to the reader.

It is a book that speaks with a voice of anger, despair and hope, and we feel compelled to listen View all 24 comments. May 02, Esil rated it it was amazing Shelves: I started reading Fates and Furies a few times and my interest quickly waned because the writing felt impenetrable.

But this time I forced myself to read beyond the first few pages, and after sticking it out for a while I got completely sucked in -- by the writing, the concept, the atmosphere and the story.

Groff's writing is unusual, both in style and in pacing. Her sentences feel messy and there's an arrhythmic staccato to the way in which the story moves forward.

But once I fell in step Wow! But once I fell in step with her beat, I didn't want to let go. In the first part, she had a brilliant lengthy section, in which the passage of time is marked by drifting from one gathering to another, in increments of approximately one year, the movement to another year marked by small changes in the dynamics between people and the eventual mention of a new occasion.

And Groff brilliantly seamlessly shifts points of view, occasionally moving the story away from the two main characters and looking through the lens of the supporting cast -- even working in a brief lovely cat's view at one point.

As I say, I loved the writing, but there's also a real richness to the story that kept me wanting to read.

And shame on anyone who makes any comparison between this book and Gone Girl. The only commonality is that the stories are focused on marriages in which husbands and wives live in different realities.

But Fates and Furies is an entirely different story -- it's not a mystery or a thriller -- it's about the the intense love and disparity between Lotto and Matilde throughout their twenty year plus marriage.

The first part focuses on Lotto -- the big egotistical son of a wealthy Florida family -- and his perspective on life with Matilde -- his intense love, mixed in with self absorption and neediness.

In the second half, we double back and get Matilde's point of view -- including a view into her impoverished dark childhood and adolescence, and her intense love for Lotto, mixed in with a fury and secretiveness fuelled by her past.

For me, this made for a complex, layered, beautiful, emotional novel. It's clear from reviews that this book is not everyone's cup of tea and I suspect that for some the writing will be a turn off as it was for me initially, but -- wow again -- after getting over my initial hesitation, this was a really rich reading experience.

I hadn't read anything else by Groff, but I've had Arcadia waiting on my shelf for a long time which I will definitely get to sometime soon.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy. View all 54 comments. Jul 16, Jen rated it really liked it.

The characters in this novel are despicable, spiteful and plain unlikeable. This is the love story of Lotto and Mathilde.

The building up of a 20 year marriage. The delayering of it. From perfection to perfectly flawed characters stripped of their stories living in their own play.

A death reveals a truth. This is a backwards, upside down spiral of a story that will require the reader to piece The characters in this novel are despicable, spiteful and plain unlikeable.

This is a backwards, upside down spiral of a story that will require the reader to piece it back together again in an attempt to decipher the people who we believe we are closest to; whom we think we know and love, when in reality, have never been further from the truth.

The lengths one woman would go for love in order to protect it. Groff writes splendid prose with Shakespearean and mythological references woven in.

Read it, relish it. I'm not a huge fan of plays which has me keeping this at a 4. I'm going to round down this time.

View all 45 comments. Apr 21, Ron Charles rated it it was amazing Shelves: Even from her impossibly high starting point, Lauren Groff just keeps getting better and better.

Spanning decades, oceans and the whole economic scale from indigence to opulence, this novel holds within Even from her impossibly high starting point, Lauren Groff just keeps getting better and better.

Spanning decades, oceans and the whole economic scale from indigence to opulence, this novel holds within its grasp the story of one extraordinary marriage.

Not yet 40, Groff nonetheless captures the complicated ways love blesses, transforms and, yes, deceives us over many years. To read the rest of this review, go to The Washington Post https: View all 5 comments.

Jun 02, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: View all 6 comments. May 24, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: A generalisation of course.

The novel is split into two perspectives of the same marriage — Lotto, the husband the fates and Mathilde, the wife the furies. Lotto immediately idealises Mathilde.

He wants to see her as pure, a saint. And sustains this idea by showing little curiosity about her past which, of course, means her inner life.

Lotto is like a golden Labrador, bounding around good naturedly, living in the moment, trusting in the world to deliver up everything he needs.

We get an early hint at just how strenuously Mathilde is supporting him in his wilfully myopic naivety when his ambitions to become an actor come to nothing and it is she who supports him by working.

What Lotto thinks he earns through good fortune and the purity of his ambition we learn has often been the result of Mathilde pulling hidden strings in the dark.

Would Scott have been such an inspired author without Zelda? The ending, which seeks to tie up the high drama motifs, is probably the least satisfying thing about this novel.

View all 48 comments. Felicia Oh dang that closing quote nails it. Nov 08, Sep 16, Cher rated it did not like it Shelves: This could be the first addition to a new genre, literary erotica lite.

If that makes you excited or more interested to read it, don't set yourself up for disappointment. The author "tells" you that the couple have this epic, out of this world love for one another, 1.

The author "tells" you that the couple have this epic, out of this world love for one another, but all you are "shown" is a superficial, childish, unhealthy relationship driven by lust, which could never be confused for love.

The first half, Fates, is told from the husband's point of view and was utterly painful to read. This almost worthless part of the book was filled with a trashy log of his sexual conquests don't get excited - the sex is all very uninspiring , with scattered catty gossip for added mental torture.

There was absolutely no substance a reader could sink their teeth into - just pretentious fluffiness that aspired to be bold, but fell far short of the goal.

The second half, Furies, is told from the wife's point of view and is a marked improvement from the 1st half of the novel but still only worthy of an average rating, at best.

More salacious sex but at least there is some sort of depth to the story and the brief glimpses of the interesting character, Antoinette, create a spark of interest.

What a horrible disappointment from my most anticipated Fall release. It is simply a shallow read that I won't remember by the end of the month.

And that huge "shocking" twist at the end of the book? No cares to give. I seriously doubt I will ever be tempted to pick up another book by this author; We're clearly not a fit for one another.

If you'd like to also read a positive take on this one from one of my trusted reviewers we can't see eye to eye on every thing or life would be boring!

Jan 03, s. A rather generic novel kept alive by a potent prose. Overly plot dependent and rather stifling gender-role heavy.

I'll save you my 3 page ramblings because why do so when James Wood already summed this up perfectly in his review in the New Yorker. Most importantly, and devastatingly accurate: Narrative secrets are not the same as human mysteries, a lesson that novelists seem fated to forget, again and again; the former quickly confess themselves, and fall silent, while the true mysteries go on speaking.

Fans of Gone Girl style novels will probably like this a lot—and they should definitely read this—and feel rewarded for the depth and prose that goes beyond Flynn's ability.

Groff can spin a metaphor with the best of them. It pokes at the modern marriage and the life of modern artistic types, which is pretty great, but nothing to write home about, or bother writing about on here.

Once you realize the intent is to wow the reader with 'twists' there is a great Nabokov quote about only juvenile authors using twists, and another by Carver saying that twist gimmicks are the quickest way for a book to land in his trash can , any twist then becomes actually rather predictable.

View all 11 comments. Jul 01, Perry rated it it was amazing. Paean to Marriage, Mythology and Theatre "Marriage is made of lies; kind ones, mostly.

That, and the fact that I have found that many of my Goodreads friends in whom I place a good deal of trust on taste in books bungled the ball on this novel.

I still have l Paean to Marriage, Mythology and Theatre "Marriage is made of lies; kind ones, mostly.

I still have lots of love for 'em though. Hell, we all make mistakes. In resplendent prose, Ms. Groff's story dissects a marriage: We see the marriage and love's blossoming first from the husband's perspective, then from the wife's point of view.

Groff say in an interview that it took her nearly 5 years to write this book. The novel is fabulous, at times stormy, and always ambitious, and has all the elements of the greats: Lauren Groff probes the marriage of two vibrant and fully-developed characters, Lotto and Mathilde and an assorted, colorful cast of their friends and family by calling, with seeming ease, to the ancients in Greek tragedies, mythology, and of course the marvelously provided subtext of the Fates and the Furies.

Lotto is a failed actor turned playwright, and Mathilde is quite a scholar in fine arts. Groff made her novel also a paean to the theater "empty theaters are quieter than other empty places" , playwrights and Shakespearean tragedies, which she compliments with remarkable symbolism and short readings of rich pieces of original meta-plays, while always avoiding any trace of the affected, didactic or overly erudite.

I found this strikingly rewarding and quite original. As all the great ones do, this novel made me reflect heavily upon good and evil and the gray gulf between.

It also provoked deep contemplation of the different perspectives of each spouse and the transformation of love in marriage, from passionate to supportive and co-raising to comforting to, finally, " I cannot imagine a life I would or could have lived without you in it ," at some point of which "marriage" really does mean that two meld into but are never quite one.

View all 16 comments. A primeira parte ocupa-se dele. O Don Juan, o amante de todas as mulheres, passa a Romeu, surpreendendo tudo e todos.

A segunda parte pertence a Mathilde. Nov 26, Maxwell rated it really liked it Shelves: The more life you had, the more the base expanded, so that the wounds and treasons that were nearly imperceptible when they happened stretched like tiny dots on a balloon slowly blown up.

A speck on the slender child grows into a gross deformity in the adult, inescapable, ragged at the edges. It's a book about perspective—and perception.

About how people can seem one way but be another, or how life may seem to go in one direction but to someone else it's moving in the totally opposite way.

The writing was sharp, but lush. The characters were horrible but wonderful. Overall, this book was a mess of contradictions in a really good way.

Definitely not a story for everyone, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. Haven't been the biggest fan of Groff's short stories, but this one worked for me.

View all 3 comments. Oct 24, Violet wells rated it it was ok Shelves: The only award I'd bestow on this is the most unconvincing portrait of a literary genius ever written.

Lancelot Satterwhite his father's name is Gawain though we're missing Merlin is the character in question. As his name would suggest he's a buffoonish knight in expensive armour.

He makes two life-changing transformations - firstly, he changes from a womaniser into a model husband overnight; then he changes from a third rate actor into a first rate playwright literally overnight.

The suspensi The only award I'd bestow on this is the most unconvincing portrait of a literary genius ever written. The suspension of disbelief in both cases is much more problematic than anything in Harry Potter.

When Groff with brave foolhardiness provides us excerpts from his plays our suspicion that he's far from possessing the talent to write any kind of groundbreaking or commercially successful play are more than confirmed.

I wish I could say what this novel is about; however its motivational drive eluded me. It says on the jacket that the key to every marriage is not its truths but its secrets.

That's an interesting idea but not one the novel explores with any subtlety. The secrets in this book are essentially melodramatic and even a little preposterous; they're also all one-sided which meant you had one overly complex character, the wife, and one overly simplistic, the husband.

At times Groff flirts with leftfield feminist notions of the role a wife plays in the creative output of her husband, like the idea Zelda was the real genius in the Fitzgerald partnership.

You can imagine a male backlash to these notions and in a hundred years men claiming Leonard was the true genius in the Woolf marriage or Middleton Murray was the real driving force behind Katherine Mansfield's gift.

They'd be no less absurd. At other times it posits the idea that men are either loveable simpletons or sinister predators, that you get what you see Groff seems to equate fat with pernicious intent , and it's left to women to alchemise all the complexity and inner life of a relationship.

There's probably a great novel to be had in juxtaposing the divergent perspectives of the man and the woman in a single marriage.

The key would be to make both points of view equally as valid and credible. A massive problem for me here was neither male nor female were credible - Lancelot never once seemed to possess an inner life; Mathilde on the other hand was ALL inner life.

It's also a novel brimming with allusions to classical literature as if it boasts layer upon layer of profundity.

Even the title would imply we're dealing with a book with lofty pretensions. But all the allusions seemed vapid to me.

I was rarely convinced Groff had command of her material in this novel. Did she, for example, intend her two central characters to come across as overgrown children?

The first half isn't the perspective of the husband and the second half the perspective of the wife as some have suggested. There are clumsy deviations and overlappings in the narrative voice in both sections.

Neither was I convinced she has a gift for comedy. I often found myself wishing for more gravitas. However there was the sense Groff will write a good novel.

Perhaps she just needs to grow up a bit? I'm sure it's a better novel than I'm making it out to be but sometimes a book irritates us and we become a bit irrational and exaggerated in our dislike.

It was the whimsical tone with its posturing prose that irritated me here. On a final note I struggle to understand why Obama loved this so much, especially because not one of the outrageously spoilt and privileged characters would have voted for him.

View all 18 comments. May 02, Julie Christine rated it really liked it Shelves: Still, there are untruths made of words and untruths made of silence, and Mathilde had only ever life to Lotto in what she never said.

As a story, it splits open the melon of marriage to show the overripe flesh inside and a core that is on the verge of rotting.

I can smell it, Great swaths of her life were white space to her husband. I can smell it, like Lotto can smell the garbage Mathilde hasn't taken out in his absence, because the garbage is his chore.

And the odor is proof she can't manage without him. Or so he believes. But what is the truth behind that whiff of decay?

Truth, you wily coyote. The mutability of truth in marriage—this is the pungent, nearly rotten core of Fates and Furies.

The novel exposes what really lies inside a long-term relationship, once the smooth, silky skin of its public face is broken and the truth spills out.

Fates is the story of Lancelot "Lotto" Satterwhite, a charismatic actor-turned-playwright whose narcissism imbues his character with an unearned optimism.

He is malleable in the hands of the women who direct his life, from his mother, to his sister, to his wife, Mathilde.

After plunging every girl he encounters in democratic but detached delight, he falls irretrievably in love with tall, needle-sharp, wise Mathilde in the weeks before they graduate from Vassar.

Fates recounts their storybook passion, his fidelity, and quite boringly, the content of his many successful stage plays. It is a meringue of a marriage, where poverty and success are equally delicious, and Lotto's star rises in platinum brilliance until.

Much has been made of the plot twist that I didn't find all that twisty. This reader never got terribly caught up in caring about the characters, so I wasn't so much gutted or surprised as I was amused.

It's not that I don't want to "spoil" things for you, but there are plenty of reviews which reveal the details of the plot's change-up and this just won't be one of them Until the book's second section, Furies , which lets us in on Mathilde's side of the story.

Her biography is worthy of a Frances Hodgson Burnett sepia-toned tragedy and is nearly ridiculous in its epic disastrousness. Probably why I love it so.

Mathilde is a wonderful anti-heroine. Gaspingly self-serving and cruel, yet somehow we root for her, as she contracts to skin and bone in harrowing grief.

There are moments of jarring authorial heavy-handedness. Too-clever literary devices—the omniscient narrator parentheticals were tiresome, the outlining of the plays tedious— but Groff's writing is so sublime, so ridiculously fine, I hardly cared.

I love this novel for all the ways it is ambitious, melodramatic, vertiginous, erudite, wordy, cynical, lush, kaleidoscopic, implausible, abstract, and tedious.

This is an author writing from a place of confidence, giving zero fucks while she executes an inward pike from the high dive—not a perfect dive, mind you, but one that leaves your jaw hanging nonetheless.

View all 19 comments. Sep 16, Jenny Reading Envy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am not ashamed to say that this book surprised me.

I had read one previous novel by Groff and felt rather ambivalent about it Arcadia but she is one friend's favorite author and then the book was a finalist for the National Book Award - the fates would have been furious had I not given it a try.

I am also a bit of a sucker for a well written novel about marriage, a real look at marriage, the hard parts, the hidden parts, the mistakes, the journey.

This is about that for sure. Everyt I am not ashamed to say that this book surprised me. Everything else it is about I want to put behind a spoiler to save the experience for people who would like to discover it on their own.

Groff uses some interesting writing techniques like asides in brackets that sometimes feel like stage direction, fitting since Lotto is a playwright, eventually.

You get to see some of his plays, the career he is almost blessed to have after his wealthy mother disowns him for marrying beneath him.

At least that's the kind of novel you think it is until the perspective shifts and you learn more about Mathilde.

Am I crazy or was there not any way to see it coming? The novel stops being about marriage at all, although I think it always is for Lotto. It starts being about control - who has it, how much of it should be known vs.

I could not stop reading the second half. I was shocked and delighted by all that is uncovered, I had no idea any of it was even there.

My library has a copy on the way! Many thanks to the publishers who allow a glimpse. We discussed it on Episode of the Reading Envy podcast.

View all 10 comments. The only reason why I gave this book 2 stars was because of the beautiful writing. However the stereotypical main characters, pretentious sentences that don't really mean anything, dry storyline, and forgettable characters almost left me in a reading slump.

I was really disappointed with this one because I expected so much more from it National Book Award and Pulitzer nominations but once again I was a victim of book hype.

View all 12 comments. Apr 29, Melanie rated it it was amazing. Spanning decades, oceans and the whole economic scale from indigence to opulence, this novel holds "Even from her impossibly high starting point, Lauren Groff just keeps getting better and better.

It's hard to pin down exactly what Lauren Groff managed to do here but one can only sit back and think hard on what just happened to you once you finish reading this truly stunning novel.

The depth and levels of understanding at work in our lives, the subterranean currents running beneath our feet, the invisible lines of randomness and chance crisscrossing in our midst, the past informing the present, the inner life feeding the one we present to others, the ocean that sometimes lies between the two, the elemental, character-defining events of our youth perpetually tinting our actions.

This book contains multitudes. The themes are big and bold, yet rooted in the finite and delicate details of the everyday.

The intimate is brought to life with such precision and uniqueness. With cruelty and tenderness. With cunning and smartness.

The construction is daring and ambitious and wild. It will leave you breathless and grateful. Be ready for Part 2 and its astonishing "Furies" Mathilde, oh Mathilde, I will never forget you.

And what can one say about the writing? Prose that sings and soars and melts like butter on your tongue. Visceral and poetic and visually evocative.

Please excuse my language View all 34 comments. Jul 16, Carol rated it really liked it. My sincere thanks to Netgalley and Riverhead Books for providing this e-galley due to be published September 15, The Hook - The promise of an exhilarating read about relationships and marriage.

The Line The publisher requests that this e-galley not be quoted. The line I really liked has to do with committing the embodiment of someone to perpetuity.

The Sinker — Do not expect a quick read where everything is as it seems. Expect to take a bit My sincere thanks to Netgalley and Riverhead Books for providing this e-galley due to be published September 15, Expect to take a bit of time with this.

This story of the courtship and marriage of Lotto and Mathilde was worth the more diligent reading it required. There were times I had to go back and read something again.

Lauren Goff provides an interesting study of both the characters and the marriage. Did I like them?



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Beim Morden bitte langsam vorgehen. Loved the complex characters. Aber wir stellen auch fest: Bei diesem Artikel ist eine Lieferung in die Filiale nicht möglich! Die wird gleich mal geprägt von einem traumatischen Ereignis, das uns erschüttert und in tiefe Skepsis wirkt: In the end, you have got a completely different story from what you had in the beginning or the middle; this is not only astonishing, but rather fascinating. Lotto und Mathilde leben einfach, aber ihre Partys sind schon klasse. Dieser Artikel ist nicht für Kunden in Bulgarien verfügbar.{/ITEM}


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